Previous workshops

During the years, Vientianale has always provided Lao film makers with training opportunities. This is a collection of workshops and trainings in previous years:

WORKSHOP 2016: THE ART OF SHORT FILM MAKINGxaisongkhamHeinz_Hermanns

WHEN: Thursday, March 10 to Saturday, March 12, from 10am to 5pm

WHERE: Institute of Fine Arts, Vientiane

Heinz Hermanns, director of Interfilm Berlin, Germany’s largest short film festival, and Xaisongkham Induangchanthy co-founder of Lao New Wave Cinema, host The Art of Short Filmmaking – an intensive three-day workshop covering the creation of short films.

1) Get inspired by watching new international shorts. Then start work on developing and making your own short film by using a Lao or international poem as source of inspiration.

2) Trust your idea, develop a script, shoot and edit your film, and SCREEN it on the last day of the Mini Vientianale Short Film Festival, March 13 at the Cultural Hall!

NEWS:  We are thrilled to announce that two of the short films created during this three day filmmaking seminar, were selected and screened by Zebra Poetry Film Festival Münster/Berlin in Germany and also by Interfilm Berlin in Germany in November 2016. Congratulations to Sacha Pluvier for Timeless and Soukthavone Thanomenon for Alone or Not!

DISCUSSION: EXPERIMENTAL FILM                                                    

Saturday March 12, 14:00-16:00, i:cat gallery, freeMichael Brynntrup

Berlin-based Michael Brynntrup has been making experimental, cutting-edge films for the last thirty years, which are shown in galleries and museums (MoMa, New York), festivals (Berlinale) and on TV (arte). Brynntrup has been professor for Film Video at the University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig University of Art since 2006. In this session, Brynntrup will screen a selection of his own experimental shorts and works from his students at Braunschweig.

Films from Michael Brynntrup:

DIE STATIK DER ESELSBRÜCKEN/THE STATICS – Engineering Memory Bridges, 21 minutes, 1990

Rests and tests from the inquiry into prototypes.rsz_eselsnbrücken_film

Formal proofs through pregnant experiments on one’s own body.


HERZSOFORT.SETZUNG II (autogene Manipulationen)/ HEART.INSTANTIATION II (Autogenous Manipulations), 7 minutes, 1996rsz_herzsofortsetzung_film_still

A medium is not an abbreviation that brings one thing to another, but rather a third

added to two. A medium is not static, not a bridge, but develops a life of its own

whenever activated. – The ECG of metempsychosis (from the genes to the zodiac).

Electrographics of the 4th Dimension.


IMAGEFILM_101010, 1:30 minutes, 201010590041_10153318372102687_1063021670_n

No Facebook! Just homepage. A corporate video on the 11th anniversary of my website on the ‘Digital Day’, 10-10-10.


Films from the 2015 Film Class of the Braunschweig University of Art:

The Hochschule für Bildende Künste (HBK) Braunschweig is one of the few art schools in Germany with a separate class dedicated to film/video in the art context. The film/video works produced here are original artworks, equivalent and comparable to sculptures, paintings, or musical compositions. This is a selection of the 2015 Film Class. All these works have the subjective approach in common. They are all authentic testimonies of personal perceptions and understandings.

Uovo al Pomodoro, directed by Alice Angeletti, 6 minutesouvo pomodoro

Scrambled eggs with tomato sauce is a delicious and easy Italian dish. It tastes best when fresh tomato sauce is mixed with an egg and salted to taste. The preparation is fast and easy. Enjoy your meal!

Loneliness, directed by Sabine Janz, 5 minutes

Shot in Super8 at the coast of Tallinn, Estonia. The topic of loneliness is considered through visiting lonelinessScandinavian countries in late autumn. 

Ce que je n’ai jamais vu (What I’ve Never Seen), directed by Steve Luxembourg, 9 minutes

Early January. After the terroristic attack I leave Paris for a few days, travel through my homeland, and fill the blackness of what I haven’t seen but still experienced with pictures.

Liquify, directed by Lukas Hofmann, 4 minutes

I show you some basic secret: we all are made of ce que je nai jamaisinvisible Liquid. No matter if we feel or know it’s in between, beyond, below.






Vientianale was excited to welcome these international filmmakers and film festival directors to host special screenings of their films.

Petersen Vargas, Lisyun Qng Geografia (Geography Lessons), Saturday March 12 16:00

Petersen VargasPetersen Vargas is a Filipino director, cinematographer and writer whose work encompasses narrative, experimental, and music shorts. Petersen will present his award-winning short Lisyun Qng Geografia (Geography Lessons) at Vientianale, and host a Q&A following the screening.





Paul Douglas Grant, Binisaya: Cebuano Films, Sunday March 13 10:00

rsz_paulgrantphotoPaul Douglas Grant is an author, professor of graduate cinema studies at the University of San Carlos, current editor in chief of Sinekultura Film Journal, and the Binisaya Film Festival Representative in Cebu. Paul will present Binisaya: Cebuano Films, a selection of winning shorts from Binisaya, and lead a discussion on Cebuano filmmaking.





Martika Ramirez Escobar, Pusong Bato (Stone Heart), Saturday March 12 from 19:00

Martika Ramirez

Martika Ramirez Escobar is a director, writer and editor based in the Philippines. Her film Pusong Bato (Stone Heart) earned her the Best Short

Film at the 11th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival, and featured in

the Short Film Corner of the 68th Cannes Film Festival. Martika will introduce Pusong Bato, and host a meet-and-greet in the Coca-Cola Lounge.

Somchanrith Chap, Fistful of Pebbles
, Saturday March 12 from 19:00

somchanrith chap

Cambodian filmmaker Somchanrith Chap will present his wild-west meets east short, Fistful of Pebbles, which recently won first prize at the 2015

Chaktomuk Short Film Festival.