Mini-Vientianale 2014

MINI VIENTIANALE, the first short film festival in Lao PDR, was great fun and a big success

Winners of 2014 Short Film Competition, from left to right: Lee, Khampa, Nirankoon, Yupalad

Congratulations to our Short Film Competition winners of 2014:

1st prize and audience prize: YOU+ME=ONE by Lee Vilayphong Phongsavanh and team

2nd prize: LOST IN THE SHADOW by Khampa Phimmachack and Nirankoon Singpraseuth and team

3rd prize: THE CANDLE by Yupalad Phedthanee and team


Lee Phongsavanh and Nirankoon Singpraseuth were winners for the second time. Their films “TEDDY JAY” and “THE BAD DREAM” won first and third prize at Vientianale Short Film Competition 2013.

Thank you to all filmmakers who submitted their films to Mini-Vientianale Short Film Competition. Great Mini-Vientianale logowork!

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A big thank you to our jury: Ms. Simmany Keokene/Cinema Department, Mr. Anousone Sirisackda/Director of Lao Art Media, Ms. Mattie Do/filmmaker of “Chantaly”, Mr. Phanumad Disattha/filmmaker of “Hak Aum Lum”/Lao New Wave Cinema.

Athidxay (Ding) Boundaoheaung, Hélène Ouvrard, Margarete Magiera (Vientianale  Team)

Programme overview (or downloadable Mini-Vientianale programme)

Mini Vientianale schedule copy-1

Short Films on 8th  March 2014

my son-s

My Son

Director: Mattiphob Douangmyxay

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2013

The life of a deaf young man in Vientiane


start and Stop

Stop and Start

Director: Palinya Xayamoungkhoun

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2013

A highschool girl gets bullied by other girls. How will she deal with it?



Collecting Bottles

Directors: Houmphanh Phahongchanh, Yaxeng Ly, Kongsy Vilayphone

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2013

A mother’s daily struggle to make ends meetLPFF Generic Logo-small

Collecting Bottles was made during “Our Lives on Film” workshop, organised by the Luang Prabang Film Festival, instructed by the Humanitarian Media Agency, and supported by the Asia Foundation.




Director: Thi-Vone Muong-Hane

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2011

A dance encounter betwen two men from different backgrounds.


a little change-s

A Little Change

Director: Anysay Keola

Country: Lao PDRLNWC logo-small

Year: 2011

A young woman returns to the village she grew up in and meets her old childhood sweetheart.


Strong Haert02

Strong Heart

Director: Sommai PhommachanSDC Logo-small

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2014

One strong woman leads the women’s UXO clearance team in Xieng Khouang province.

This film was made thanks to a grant for “Women in Leadership Roles”, sponsored by The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC.



Busong/Palawan Fate, Part 3

Director: Auraeus Solito

Country: Philippines

Year: 2011

A young woman is born with wounds on her body. Her brother and others help her in the search for a healer.


the garden-s

The Garden

Director: Doãn Hoàng Kiên

Country: Vietnamlogo DOCLAB standard-small

Year: 2009

A boy’s longing for the love of his mother.

This short film was made thanks to a filmmaking workshop held by DocLab/Goethe Institute Hanoi in 2009


my name is francois-s

My Name is Francois

Director: Ismail Jamaludin

Country: Malaysiaviddsee logo-small

Year: 2012

Inspired by his favorite film hero – a Film Noir detective, Francois develops an elaborate plan to win the heart of Madeleine




Director: Gareth Crory

Country: England

Year: 2013kids for kids clean logo-small

A young man has an unusual experience using his computer and finds himself trapped in another reality.

Shortlisted for the competition section of the Kids for Kids UK Film Festival 2013 in the Animation, 13-19 years Category


dads stick-s

Dad’s Stick

Director: John Smith

Country: England

Year: 2012

A man speaks about his father’s painting and the connection he had with the tools he used.



The Paperman

Director: John Kahrs

Country: USA

Year: 2012

A man meets a woman at a train station. A piece of paper becomes an element of connection.



Little block of cement with disheveled hair containing the sea

Director: Jorge Lopéz Navarrete

Country: Spain

Year: 2012

A dog and a mare embark upon a voyage together. With every step they take, the differences between them become clearer, yet luminous moments occur.


a simpler life-s

A Simpler Life

Director: Gunhild Enger

Country: Sweden

Year: 2013kfa_logo_4c-small

A couple surround themselves with devices to simplify their lives, which just makes things even more complicated.



Short Film Competition 2014: YOU+ME


Congratulations to the winners of 2014:

1st prize and audience prize: Lee Vilayphong Phongsavanh’s YOU +ME=ONE

2nd prize: Khampa Phimmachack and Nirankoon Singpraseuth’s LOST IN THE SHADOW

3rd prize: Yupalad Phedthanee’s “THE CANDLE”


Thanks to all filmmakers who sumitted a short film to this year’s Mini-Vientianale short film competition.


Here is an overview of all competition entries:



Our Clan Rules

Director: Ka Siong

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2014

Familiy divisions threaten the love of a lifetime


Without You

Director:Phouthasack Vanbouddee

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2014

Love in the age of the internet



Director: Lee Vilayphong Phongsavanh

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2014

Love and fate and one woman’s generosity


Forget Me Not

Director: Thipphaphone Ekanha/Alina Aphayvan/Phengnidta Phanthasomchit

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2014

It is never too late to mend one’s ways


The Reason

Director: Sonexay Phongsavath

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2014

Losing something sometimes leads to finding something



Director: Sam Keodouangdy

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2014

Art as a way of expressing love


Lost in the Shadow

Director: Khampha Phimmachack/Nirankoon Singpraseuth

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2014

A couple stranded in a dark place. Will they find the light?


What if?

Director: Phouthasone Keomoungkhoune

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2014

What if we make different decisions?


The Candle

Director: Yupalad Phedthanee

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2014

Having faith helps over the ups and downs of love


Hold One’s Hand

Director: Midpasa Sitthihuckpanya

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2014

A young man lost without his mother’s love


Say What

Director: Anoulek Douangdala

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2014

What do we hear and what do we see?


I’m Poor, You’re poor

Director: Outh Phommasone

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2014

Finding love in the big city



Director: Kingsouda Nandavong

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2014

Sometimes waiting for the right one pays off


Miracle of Love

Director: Game Chanthaseng

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2014

When faced with a crisis, a young woman’s life changes forever



Director: Thavisab Khamphounee/Soravit Homsombath/Keothavisouk Khamphichit

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2014

Do we have the right priorities in life?


Letter to my Child

Director: Olivier Guevel

Country: Lao PDR

Year: 2014

The joys and burden of being a parent