Vientianale International Film Festival celebrates the art of film and the diversity of Lao culture in the country’s capital, Vientiane. The annual festival showcases an exciting programme of international feature and short films, emerging as an important platform for local filmmakers to screen their works. All Vientianale are free and open to the public.



Representing Laos in the Asia Pacific Screen Awards

The 2017 Vientianale Film Festival has been another highly successful and inspiring film festival. Our festival is continually growing and reaching out to new partners. We are therefore proud to announce that we have recently been chosen as the official submitting member organization representing Laos in the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. From now on Vientianale Film Festival will be in charge of submitting films from the Lao People’s Democratic Republic for these esteemed awards that celebrate films from all the Asia Pacific countries. We are very excited about bringing films from Laos further into the spotlight.

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If you are interested in an example of films that Laos has to offer, you can read about our Short Film Competition here or watch all the entries of 2017 on Vimeo here.