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Concurrent sessions will be held on two screens over 3 afternoon and 4 evening sessions showingcasing feature films, short films, animated films and documentaries from Lao PDR, South-East Asia and from around the world.

The official programme can be downloaded from here: official programme

Main auditorium
6:30 - 7:15pm: Opening Ceremony
7:15 - 9:30pm: Opening Film - "Only Love" (Lao PDR, 125 mins)
Main auditorium
1:30pm: Princes & Princesses (France, 70mins) *K*
3:00pm: Intersection (Lao PDR, 52 mins)
4:00pm: International Short Films 1 - From Climate to Change (90 minutes):
  • Pots de Chagrin (France)
  • Der Kreis (The Circle) (Germany)
  • Purnama Dri Pesisir (Full Moon) (Indonesia)
  • Das Rad (The Wheel) (Germany)
  • Anak-Anak Lumpur (Children of Mud) (Indonesia)
  • Khayalan Masa by One Buck Short (Malaysia)
  • Bodegon (Still Life) (Spain)
  • Kotiinapaluu (The Return) (Finland)
  • Territorial Pissings (Indonesia)
  • Why do you have a beard? (Ireland)
6:00pm: Run Lola Run (Germany, 81 mins)
8:00pm: Uncle Boonmee who can recall his past lives (Thailand, 114 mins)
10:00pm: Shutter (Thailand, 97 mins)
Small Theatre
2:00pm: Art Video Cologne - videoart collection (Asia, 32 mins)
3:00pm: Insight Vietnam:
  • People living with stories (Q&A) (Vietnam, 30 mins)
  • Days of Rain (Vietnam/Germany, 73 mins)
5:00pm: Insight Laos:
  • Betting on Laos (Lao PDR, 26 mins)
  • Khai Pen (Lao PDR, 16 mins)
  • Surviving the bombs (Lao PDR, 13 mins)
  • Where have all the fish gone? (Q&A) (Thailand/UK, 23 mins)
  • Sunlabob's solar lanterns lighting up Laos (Lao PDR, 14 mins)
  • Non-formal education for youth and adults in Lao PDR (Lao PDR, 12 mins)
7:00pm: Insight Myanmar:
  • A Million Threads (Myanmar, 15 mins)
  • The Floating Tomatoes (Q&A) (Myanmar, 36 mins)
  • Like Father, Like Sone (Q&A) (Myanmar, 14 mins)
9:00pm: Another Life:
  • WAGS (Germany, 38 mins)
  • A.L.I.C.E. (USA, 15 mins)
  • Stanka goes home (Bulgaria, 15 mins)
  • Another Love Story (Thailand/Lao PDR, 26 mins)
Main Auditorium
1:00pm: Shooting Women (USA, 54 mins)
2:00pm: 881 (Singapore, 105 mins)
4:00pm: Ten Canoes (Australia, 90 mins)
6:00pm: Die Standesbeamtin (Will you marry us?) (Switzerland, 90 mins)
8:00pm: Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Troops) (Indonesia, 124 mins)
Small Theatre
1:00pm: Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (France, 107 mins) *K*
3:00pm: Insight Cambodia:
  • The Commute (Cambodia/USA, 3 mins)
  • 4 shorts from the Factory (Cambodia, 32 mins)
  • Smot (Cambodia, 20 mins)
  • 25 Frames to move (Cambodia, 15 mins)
  • Boy drinking bad water (Cambodia, 2 mins)
4:30pm: The Kon Show - A talk on the history of Cambodian Cinema (90mins)
6:00pm: International Shorts 2 - From Culture to Change (86 mins)
  • Khon Sam Hong - ULUVUS (Lao PDR)
  • Black and White Kings (Singapore)
  • Online (Thailand)
  • Payung (Umbrella)
  • The Forest Spirits (Singapore)
  • The Trail (Germany)
  • Drowning (Indonesia/Germany)
  • Illusions (Germany)
  • Racing Beats (Germany)
  • The Christmas Swim (Ireland)
  • I don't feel like dancing (Germany)
  • Der Schwarzfahrer (Black Rider) (Germany)
  • Indonesia Bukan Negara Islam (Indonesia is not an Islamic State) (Indonesia)
  • Silence (Germany)
8:00pm: Vuth Learns to Rock (Cambodia/USA, 8 mins)
Sleepwalking through the Mekong (USA/ Cambodia, 68 mins)
9:00pm Vientianale Rock Concert (ALUNA & ULUVUS) - National Cultural Hall car park
Main auditorium
1:00pm: Sepet (Malaysia, 104 mins)
3:00pm: Wintervention (USA, 103 mins)
5:00pm: Short Film Competition & Rising Star Award
7:30pm: Short film competition Q&A session
8:00pm: On Safer Ground (preview) (Lao PDR/UK/Sweden, 6 mins)
8:30pm: Award ceremony
Small theatre
12:30pm Smart Machine (USA, 4 mins) *K*
Emil and the Detectives (Germany, 111mins) *K*
2:30pm: Migration 1:
  • Traffic Intersection (South Korea/Lao PDR, 23 mins)
  • Passport Photos (India, 14 mins)
  • A little bird in a cruel red storm (Lao PDR, 20mins)
  • Special pass (Singapore, 24 mins)
  • Mga Liham Mula Sa Alaska (Letters from Alaska) (Q&A) (USA/Phillipines, 9 mins)
4pm: Migration 2:
  • Homeless in Japan (Q&A) (Singapore, 73 mins)


A more detailed programme will be available at the Festival information desk in the main foyer.

Films will have English and/or Lao subtitles where appropriate.

Q&A = Question & Answer Sessions

*K* = Films Suitable for Children

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